Amazing Customer Support

30 Aug 2014
Amazing Support

I believe that amazing support is not just responding to customers’ enquiries. It is much more than that. While a live chat system can provide an avenue for your visitors to ask for support, I think this has become the basic requirement of providing good customer support. Amazing support is caring about your customers without them asking. For example, it could be a simple “Thank you” email to your customers in your email list on a random day. It could also be a simple enquiry on how your customers are doing and how you can help. It can be anything but an amazing support is more than just responding to your customers. It is about being proactive and showing genuine care and concern to each and every customers who care about your business.

“Customers are used to being maltreated. … Go out of your way to make people happy. They’ll be overwhelmed; you’ll see. In the earliest stages of a startup, it pays to offer customer service on a level that wouldn’t scale, because it’s a way of learning about your users.” – Paul Graham, Startups in 13 Sentences

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