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13 Sep 2014

Target Market with Buyer Personas

With the online space getting more crowded with business, it is increasing important to reach the right targeted market for your product/service. This can help to greatly reduce cost of online marketing, generating more profit and revenue for your business. Laser targeting the right market with buyer personas used to be a practise usually only practiced […]

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02 Sep 2014
Customer Support

Why Having Live Chat Will Help

Every customer has pretty high hopes of the products he/she has bought from the store. However, some of the times the customer is in for a tough time, as the product does not come on the expected lines and thus, the customer feels disappointed. It is important on the part of the seller to understand […]

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30 Aug 2014
Amazing Support

Amazing Customer Support

I believe that amazing support is not just responding to customers’ enquiries. It is much more than that. While a live chat system can provide an avenue for your visitors to ask for support, I think this has become the basic requirement of providing good customer support. Amazing support is caring about your customers without […]

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17 Aug 2014
Word of Mouth

The New Power of Word of Mouth

I can’t emphasize how important word of mouth is in our world today. In the past, consumers used to buy after being exposed to a product/service through mediums such as the press, radio or newspaper. In today’s world with the internet and social media, word of mouth is on steroids. A satisfied customer with a […]

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10 Aug 2014
Customer Happiness

Customer Happiness

As one may know, many customers buy more due to emotion than any other factors. By keeping them happy and satisfied, customers have a higher chance of buying your product or service. This is the reason why some people is willing to pay more for a similar product or service as compared to the competition. […]

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30 Jul 2014
Good Support

Good Support Drives Sales

I know it is obvious that by providing better service, product or price, it is inevitable that sales will increase. Just to have a clearer picture about how providing top notch support may help, here is a scenarios I want you to imagine happening. Imagine that you have an eCommerce website and one of your […]

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