Frequently Asked Questions






What are the payment methods available?

All plans are now payable only through Paypal. With Paypal, it serves as a middleman between your credit card and us. In this way, the information of your credit card is safe with Paypal, a much larger international company than us.


Is Paypal safe and reliable?

For more information on safety of Paypal, you can read their buyer protection information at





What does concurrent chat means? What happens when we reached the limit?

Concurrent chat is the number of current visitors chatting with the website admin. Once the limit is reached, the visitor will not see any chat window during their browsing experience.


How do we create user profiles? How do we use them?

User profiles can be created under the profiles page. Simply key in a name, upload a picture and click upload. The name and picture will be displayed to the website visitors when the profile is chosen to reply to them. To reply a visitor with a custom profile, simply select the user profile name under the dropdown on the admin chat window above the message box.


How do I upgrade/cancel my plan?

Upgrading/cancelling your plan is easy! For all things related to changing your plans, simply go to the plans/upgrades page. To cancel your plan, go to a button below the pricing table to cancel the plan. The button will take you to a Paypal page where you can login and cancel your current subscription. You can cancel your plan anytime!

To upgrade, simply click on the sign up button in the pricing table.

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