Target Market with Buyer Personas

13 Sep 2014

With the online space getting more crowded with business, it is increasing important to reach the right targeted market for your product/service. This can help to greatly reduce cost of online marketing, generating more profit and revenue for your business. Laser targeting the right market with buyer personas used to be a practise usually only practiced by large companies. As this technique used to require extensive market research with a wide reach, it was not popular with smaller companies in the past. However, with many tracking and analytical tool online nowadays, getting to know the buy personas in your target market is now easy and convenient for smaller companies to pick up.


How to know your buyer personas?

To define the buyer personas for your business, there are several specific steps that we could take. The general steps are:

1) Define broad personas

2) Break the broad personas into smaller ones

3) Once the personas have broken into smaller ones, ask yourself a few questions to understand each of them.

4) Use online research tools to answer the questions you ask about each personas


Questions to ask about each buyer personas

1) Where do they live?

2) What is their age range?

3) What is their gender?

4) What are their interests?

5) What is their education level?

6) What is their job title?

7) How much is their income?

8) What is their relationship status?

9) What languages do they speak?

10) What makes them buy?


Online research tools

For big corporates, you can get to know the buyer personas through either facebook insights or google analytics. For small businesses, you might want to look at the data of your competitors instead through SimilarWeb or Compete


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