The New Power of Word of Mouth

17 Aug 2014
Word of Mouth

I can’t emphasize how important word of mouth is in our world today. In the past, consumers used to buy after being exposed to a product/service through mediums such as the press, radio or newspaper. In today’s world with the internet and social media, word of mouth is on steroids.

A satisfied customer with a single share on social media can have a very wide reach! Guess what, people tend to trust the opinions from people they know than commercials that they watched. Likewise, a single bad service could result in a negative post or review that could affect the business in a negative way.

There are many companies avoiding social media to avoid these negatives remarks about their business. This is certainly no long term solution as any business in today’s world active in social media will have the edge with the positive shares, positive reviews and the power of word of mouth.

Yes, every single customer now has a louder voice and the company that provides the best support will win. Word of mouth today is on steroids!

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