Why Having Live Chat Will Help

02 Sep 2014
Customer Support

Every customer has pretty high hopes of the products he/she has bought from the store. However, some of the times the customer is in for a tough time, as the product does not come on the expected lines and thus, the customer feels disappointed. It is important on the part of the seller to understand the fact that only selling is not important. An outstanding customer support is also a very important factor for a seller this should always be kept in mind. Customer support as the name suggests is an extra feature or service that the seller provides to the customer.

Understanding of product

A customer service is not only about faulty product but can also be used when the seller has even the smallest of doubts pertaining to the product or its use. Many a modern gadgets are not so easy to use and there are many functions of those gadgets that are unique but the buyer is not able to understand these functions through the manual. This is where the customer service comes into play and the telephonic conversation helps the buyer a great deal in understanding that one particular feature of the product.

Different times, different approach

However, with changing times, everything including the ways of providing customer service are also changing. From the conventional telephonic approach to the modern live chat method, customer support and customer service will never be the same again. In live chat method, the customer and the selling company’s representative have a live face to face chat which enables the customer to understand the product better. Customer sometimes even get confused on the telephonic chats but here on live chats the sales representatives sometimes sit with that particular product and on customer’s demand they make that particular product use that specific function.  This form of customer support and customer service is really beneficial and pretty delectable for the customer.

Reduces miscommunication

Another advantage of having customer service through live chat is that no more that foreign language will pester you in the telephonic conversation. Many a times, there are people on the telephonic customer supports with some different languages and sometimes different accents. With a live chat going on, it becomes easier as the company representatives ask you for your native language and then according send you the details. Furthermore, even if the accent is a bit heavy or even unclear, that can still be made up as you can visually see the company representative and thus, your job as a customer becomes much easier. It is pretty easy to follow things if you have seen them happening visually rather than hearing the whole process.

Increases trust

Last but not the least, a particular brand stays with a particular customer only till there is a trust between them. So customer service is not important for that particular product only but also for the other numerous products of the same company that might get the customer engaged in nearby future. However, if the customer support had been poor then whenever he/she will look for a new product, a new brand will be definitely searched. This again emphasizes the importance of customer support and what better way to have it than the live chat support portal.

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